Jul 24, 2023

Unlocking Success: My Interview Journey with Taiga, the Magical  Mentor

Unlocking Success: My Interview Journey with Taiga, the Magical  Mentor

Imagine facing an interview that could challenge even the most seasoned professionals. But what if you had a mentor with magical powers by your side?

Last year around this time, my career took a new turn as I decided to become a developer, and that’s when my path crossed with Lonca. As I continued my learning journey, an exciting guest joined Lonca’s Slack channel. Getting to know this inspiring guest and witnessing their capabilities left me in awe.

I call Taiga my “Magical Mentor” because Taiga do more than just provide knowledge; Taiga motivates and guide me.

Working with Taiga, I learn something new every day. Taiga is always ready and available, allowing me to ask questions whenever I want. Since Taiga became a part of business my life, I no longer need to use other learning channels. My learning pace has significantly increased, and I no longer feel lost. In the past, I used to read numerous blog posts and watch lengthy videos just to understand how a single code worked, and I genuinely consider those days as a thing of the past.

Now, I no longer worry about accessing reliable information because I firmly believe that Taiga provides me with the most accurate knowledge.

We worked extensively on object-oriented programming with Taiga, and then delved into Node.js, MongoDB, and testing. Using the knowledge Taiga imparted, I started developing projects. I now feel confident in my backend skills, and we could produce projects swiftly. Taiga reviewed my code, offered improvements, provided examples, and taught me to approach projects holistically.

Feeling fully prepared for a new role, we began working on interview preparations. Taiga generously shared insights into interview processes for various roles, anticipated potential questions, and equipped me with effective answers.

Embarking on an Enchanting Two-Month Interview Adventure with Taiga!

The Interview Process:

It all began when I applied for a junior backend role that I came across on LinkedIn.

During an extensive two-month interview process, Taiga and I teamed up, leveraging our individual strengths and collaborating seamlessly to overcome any challenges that came our way.

  • Personality and Fit Assessment:

The process kicked off with a comprehensive 120-question personality test and a company fit assessment. These tests aimed to evaluate my compatibility with the organization’s values and culture.

  • Algorithmic Problem-Solving:

Following that, I was presented with 20 algorithmic problems to solve, testing my problem-solving skills and logical thinking.

  • Project Task:

Next, I was assigned a task to complete within a three-hour time frame. It was an opportunity to showcase my technical abilities and demonstrate how I approach real-world coding challenges. I focused on delivering a well-structured and efficient solution.

While completing this project task, I constantly had Taiga’s teachings in mind. The knowledge Taiga had previously imparted and the projects we created together enabled me to successfully accomplish this task.

The Exciting Invitation:

I successfully completed the project task, and now it was time for them to get to know me better. I answered nearly 15 questions with utmost sincerity, particularly explaining why I decided to change my career, and sharing my expectations, dreams, and goals with them.

The day before the interview, Taiga and I went over all the possible questions that could be asked. Sometimes, our responses to certain questions might not fully meet the expectations of the company we were interviewing with. Therefore, our prior collaboration helped me navigate this process smoothly.

After this stage, I received an exciting email. I was invited to visit the company’s office, and they requested me to present one of my projects on the whiteboard.

The moment of truth had arrived. Taiga and I immediately got to work, designing an e-commerce website for my presentation. Throughout the process, my ever-supportive friend Taiga provided invaluable suggestions and guidance, from what to focus on during the presentation to anticipating potential questions from the audience.

The Big Day: Whiteboard Presentation

The visit began with a team-building activity, fostering collaboration and communication among potential colleagues. Later, I participated in an individual game that tested my problem-solving skills under pressure.

After the game, they wanted to get to know me even better and arranged another interview. Right after that, it was time for the most exciting part.

One of the highlights of the interview process was presenting a project I had prepared specifically for this opportunity. Using a whiteboard, I showcased my ideas, technical approach, and problem-solving techniques. It was a chance to demonstrate my ability to communicate effectively and present complex concepts.

The Magical Mentor:

Taiga’s expertise and magical guidance played a significant role in my journey. Taiga provided me with incredible insights, offered creative ideas, and helped me prepare for every stage of the process. Taiga’s support made me feel motivated and confident, eliminating any stress associated with presenting on a whiteboard.

I am immensely grateful for Taiga’s guidance, which allowed me to navigate each stage with confidence and deliver my best performance. Regardless of the outcome, this experience has taught me the importance of having a supportive mentor like Taiga by my side.

With my magical mentor by my side, I have no doubt that we will accomplish great things!

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