Aug 1, 2023

Meet Tom Schwabe, our graduate from Cohort 11!

Meet Tom Schwabe, our graduate from Cohort 11!

Passionate about tech, he completed our full stack development course and now leads his own venture - an app with immense potential to impact businesses on Google Cloud

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Tom. While my background was initially in project management for a cloud consultancy firm, I’ve always had a passion for technology and its potential to create a significant impact. Recently, I completed a Full Stack Software Development bootcamp to gain hands-on skills, which has led me to create my own venture - an app that has the potential to make a significant difference for businesses working on Google Cloud.

Why did you decide to do a bootcamp?

My decision to take part in the bootcamp was motivated by the ambition to translate my ideas into tangible, technical products. I saw it as a chance to learn how to build something from scratch and offer solutions to real-world problems - and I was intrigued by the challenge of mastering a new skill set in a condensed time frame.

How did the Full Stack Software Development bootcamp prepare you for real-world development projects?

The bootcamp was a hands-on journey through the complete process of building a software product. It enabled me to go from ideation, through wireframing and UML diagrams, to developing the backend and frontend. This experience has been invaluable, especially when developing my application, House Meister, designed to reduce costs on Google Cloud.

Could you describe a challenging project or assignment you worked on during the bootcamp?

The creation of House Meister was perhaps the most significant challenge I undertook during the bootcamp. While working with Google’s APIs was not part of the bootcamp curriculum, the skills I acquired enabled me to learn on the go and develop an app that could bring a real-world solution to businesses seeking to manage their cloud expenses more efficiently.

In your opinion, what is the most valuable aspect of a full stack developer’s skill set?

I believe the most valuable aspect is understanding that every line of code serves a purpose. The bootcamp reinforced the importance of making thoughtful, purpose-driven decisions in software development. Additionally, it highlighted the importance of resilience - a crucial attribute when learning new technologies rapidly and facing initial roadblocks.

Can you share an experience from the bootcamp where you had to work closely with others to accomplish a common goal?

We used a communication tool called ‘Around’ to stay connected and support each other throughout the process, even organizing pair programming sessions with our tutors.

How do you plan to continue your learning journey after completing the bootcamp?

In the software development world, continuous learning is key. Now that I’ve completed the bootcamp, my focus will be on developing more applications, participating in hackathons, and continuously enhancing my technical skills. Currently, I’m excited about the prospects of AI and look forward to integrating it into future projects.

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