Teaching Staff

Armagan Amcalar
Lead Instructor
Steve Ingram
Teaching Assistant
Mihri Minaz
Teaching Assistant

Project-based learning

In the course, you will implement your personal project. Code what YOU want to do and where you see a need.

With our unique teaching methodology, you will be able to apply acquired skills early on. Learn all facets of web development and explore both the frontend as well as the backend.

Throughout the course, we support you with mentorship and coaching each step of the way. The aim is to make you the best software engineer you can be.

And if you have a project that you would like to transfer into a business? We will support you beyond the course.

Built on community

No person is an island. The school of software engineering is built on the principle that we lift each other up. Whether it's coursework, a job referral or simply an open ear, Coyotiv lives and breathes as a community.

Joining the school of software engineering and becoming a coyote, you become part of the movement. Get access to our Slack community and interact with apprentices, journeys and masters of Coyotiv.

Career change

Software engineers shape technology and with it, the world. Graduating as a coyote opens the doors to opportunities as a software engineer.

Over the years, we have built extensive networks in the industry. That is why we know what is required and how you evolve building up on the acquired foundations. After the course ends, we continue to support you with career coaching and access to the best tech companies in Berlin and beyond. Get hired right away and hone your skills further.


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