February 22, 2022

Paloma’s Story: From curator to confident & creative Software Engineer

She was solely working in the art industry before joining Coyotiv. She was head of production, exhibition designer and worked as a curator. Now she works as a junior software engineer at Sauce Labs and still as a curator! In fact, she will be opening 2 expos this year.

Reasons for choosing Coyotiv

She wasn’t looking for a bootcamp. She attended one before and she hated it. It was packed and packed with 90% men, who had “Yeah, you know that right?” kind of condescending attitude. She knew she would never go for it.

Her favorite thing about Coyotiv was its inclusivity.

How Coyotiv changed her life

Coyotiv increased her commitment and improved her learning skills.

She also realized that software engineering is a creative endeavor as well as a prolific one.

When she saw software engineering as a creative pursuit and something that could actually give her a good life, her perspective changed for the better. She felt empowered and she liked it.

Appreciating intensity, remote learning, and support

She was expecting the course to be intense and was ready for it.

What she wasn’t expecting was how her instructors (Armağan and Steve) were supportive. Knowing that she wasn’t alone and having people with her was very helpful. That’s why she could breathe and just take a leap of faith. This came as a pleasant surprise. She loved pushing her limits while being supported.

And luckily it worked very well for her. The structure of being remote worked brilliantly as well.

Confidence about the future

“Even though I was part of the first class, I got my first job before I finished the course. So, if one of the concerns is employability, the school really prepares us well for the market. The 4 weeks before the course of preparation are equally intense, and VERY necessary if you, like me, have no experience in code.”

Her most important takeaway from the course

“Armağan is an awesome mentor, and he does something very special: ”He has enough knowledge to give you confidence and teaches you how to solve things and to learn how to cut all the unnecessary noise, while making it possible for you to do the right search and recognize that you can only improve from here.”

She did learn a lot at Coyotiv.

Life After Coyotiv

She still works as a multimedia artist in addition to being a software engineer at Sauce Labs.

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