August 9, 2021

Coyotiv MasterClasses | Public Speaking Series: Give a Talk This Year

🎊 As Coyotiv, we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Superpeer, an all-in-one video platform to share our insights and expertise in an easier way with you. Through their platform, we will host masterclasses on various topics and provide 1:1 mentorship sessions to individuals and businesses.

Our very first masterclass “Public Speaking Series: Give a Talk This Year” starts on August 23!

Led by our founder Armağan Amcalar, this workshop will help you discover the superhero speaker in you and will prove you have what it takes to become a speaker yourself.

In 5 live sessions you will learn about:

1. Why you should talk and how you can handle the impostor syndrome

We will start this journey with understanding your motivation. Why should you, specifically, start talking at conferences? How can you benefit from being a speaker? How will it help you in your life? And how can you overcome the self-doubts of imposter syndrome?

2. Kinds of talks and picking a topic

We will look at 10 different types of conference talks, and will do exercises to find a topic that you can deliver. It’s a lot easier than you think!

3. Writing and submitting proposals

Now that you know what kind of a talk you will deliver and have a topic, we will get started with writing proposals for your talks. We will introduce a platform where you can create your talks, find conferences to apply for, and submit your proposals.

4. Preparing for the speech and the big day

We will look into tips and tricks about preparing for your speech and delivering a great experience for your audience during your time on stage. We will talk about mastering adrenaline, body posture, timing, and introduce exercises for you to practice for your speech.

5. Lightning talks

Now that you have a talk submitted to a conference, it’s time for you to practice before an audience. In this last part of the workshop, we will host lightning talks of five minutes each from our audience. You will be given practical tips on how you can improve your performance for the real gig!

If you’d like to know more and sign up for the workshop—just click on this link and reserve your spot, can’t wait to see you there!