Nov 17, 2022

“UX for Product Managers” course from Coyotiv Mentor Mehmet Perk

“UX for Product Managers” course from Coyotiv Mentor Mehmet Perk

One of the amazing members of Coyotiv’s Mentorship Network, product and innovation coach Mehmet Perk, is starting a 1-week (6 hours) cohort-based online interactive course, “UX for Product Managers” on December 12, 2022!

About the course

In this course, designed for product managers, you’ll find out how to make product decisions that impact design, and improve your UX skills through guided workshops, not just by listening but by applying. You’ll sharpen your UX skills and wireframing for better design decisions and stakeholder collaboration.

At the end of the course, you will become a complete Product Manager, equipped with one of the essential skills that exist.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Determine what’s bad, good, and great in product design
  • Flesh out an idea or solution in wireframes
  • Communicate better with designers, engineers, and stakeholders with visuals

Four slots are reserved for women or people from an underrepresented minority.

You can find more info about the course here.

Who is Mehmet Perk

Mehmet is a product leader and product management expert, currently employed at Siemens. Previously, he held executive product positions where he was responsible for business strategy, product strategy, product management, product design, user experience, and product development process for leading internet companies.

He has spent the last 15 years forming and storming products as a founder, strategist, product manager, and lecturer in UX. He has taught many product managers and startup founders, and now he wants to teach you!

Mehmet is also one of the members of Coyotiv Mentorship Network. He provides mentorship in these areas:

  • Business Goals
  • Product Development
  • Product Mana­gement
  • Technical Hiring
  • Product Strategies

He is passionate about building products at scale and improving inclusion and diversity in the industry. You can book a call with Mehmet or join his upcoming “UX Design for Product Managers” course.

Q&A with Mehmet

1) What’s your relationship with Coyotiv like?

I have been with Coyotiv from the beginning. I am an ex-colleague of the founder Armagan Amcalar. There are many tech companies or gurus in the Berlin district, but when you aim to build something high-end, the circle becomes narrower with fewer people. After a certain time, it becomes inevitable to get connected. People who engage in great communities and keep investing in themselves will eventually have a fantastic future.

2) Why did you start this course?

I was already a lecturer for UX, which I liked a lot. It’s a special moment where I can see students transforming and notice it themselves. I decided for this course because of the lack in resources in UX for product management. We’re in an era where product management and UX are sort of mainstreams. But they’re still working in silos, which is not functional. A lot of PM schools focus on collaborating with software engineers, but there is still no healthy baseline in determining design and working together with designers. With this course, I want to fill that gap.

3) Who can join this course?

New and mid-level product managers and startup founders would get the most out of this course because they can also come up with problems we can cover. Startup founders or solopreneurs would establish a foundation of good design that will help them leverage their business. Or job seekers and career changers with interest and motivation are also welcome.

What’s Coyotiv Mentorship Network?

Coyotiv Mentorship Network is a gateway for people who are in need of expert support to illuminate their career paths. If you are having trouble with your startup or you are just looking for technical support on your code, this is the right place.

Mentoring is a special partnership in which one person, the mentor, guides and encourages another person’s personal or professional growth.

There is no doubt that having a mentor is beneficial for professionals. Mentors can help you stay focused on your career and business goals, and guide you toward the next necessary steps in your path. Few people, however, know how to find a mentor and keep the relationship productive and rewarding.

We’ve carefully selected mentors and career experts who have a proven track record of excellence so that choosing a mentor is not a hassle anymore. With Coyotiv Mentorship Network, you can get paired with “the one” who will help you to keep moving forward!

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