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Coyotiv School of Software Engineering is designed by tech community leaders, based on years of teaching experience and student feedback.


In contrast to the classical education systems and existing bootcamps, industry-quality software development mentality and skills are at the forefront. Coyotiv emphasizes a practical and student-centric approach.

Gives you confidence

Our aim is to train successful and confident software engineers who use the latest technologies to develop software, and who are ready to learn the next technology whenever it comes out.

Remote attendance

Coyotiv adopts remote attendance via modern communication channels. We believe more and more tech jobs will move remotely, eliminating all physical constraints such as location and commuting. This is your chance to get on board with the future of work.

Full-stack JavaScript

Coyotiv teaches you the best practices of modern web development with full-stack JavaScript technologies including Node.js, Vue and MongoDB. We empower you to become independent software engineers and your skills will be transferable to other web technologies such as React and SQL databases.

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Full-time or self-paced options.

Full-stack Software Engineering

Full-time course starts on
4 October 2022

2-minute intro to Coyotiv

Get on board with the future of learning! Coyotiv’s practical software engineering training will help you to become a successful and confident software engineer from scratch. Discover what you can achieve after only 13 weeks.

Discover our new software engineering education - Overview and Q&A

Are you thinking of joining our remote software engineering education? In this webinar, our lead instructor, Armagan covers everything you need to know: Application and admittance process, course schedule, curriculum, how we support you during the course, your responsibilities and what you should expect during and after the course. Apply now to our next cohort!

Why should you apply for the course?


Coyotiv teaches you the mentality of modern software engineering along with production-grade best practices. Unlike other bootcamps that were designed years ago and never updated, Coyotiv gives you the latest tools that are in demand in the industry today.

Software craftspersonship

Adopting the software craftspersonship movement, we take you on as an apprentice. You work and advance by learning from masters. We hone your skills for you to be ready, starting your career with confidence.

You are in safe hands

Our master craftspeople designed and executed their first bootcamp in 2011. Since then we have organized several full-time bootcamps. The curriculum of Coyotiv School of Software Engineering is designed to turn you into a powerful software engineer when you finish the course.

Financial Options

If you are a resident in Germany and eligible, a Bildungsgutschein can cover 100% of the cost of the course.


Education should be available to everyone, without any financial constraints! If you are a resident in Germany, Bildungsgutschein (education voucher) can cover 100% of the cost of the course.

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Alternatively, you may be eligible for an Income Share Agreement (ISA) if you reside in Germany during your studies.

Income Share Agreement

With an Income Share Agreement (ISA), you can focus on your software engineering education at Coyotiv, while CHANCEN eG takes care of your tuition fees. Once you start working in a company or establish your own startup, you start making income-based repayments to finance the tuition fees of future generations.

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Coyotiv stands for community

We do what we do for the people. We embrace diversity. We believe that wecan only contribute positively to the world by building up and supporting communities. We thrive on human connections and we believe in the power of the community.

The most recent of our engagements is with Women Techmakers Berlin. We designed and executed a comprehensive JavaScript Crash Course over the course of 3 years and helped hundreds of women become software engineers. The best part is, all of our courses with Women Techmakers Berlin are online and for free.

And we bring all of this experience to the table. Now is your chance to join Coyotiv for an intensive, full-time, 13-week course, and get personal support to kickstart your tech career.

Who is teaching?

The course is designed and taught at length by Armagan Amcalar, a master craftsperson who entered the craft of programming over 20 years ago. Acting as a team lead, software architect, engineering manager and CTO, Armagan has led hundreds of people in the industry and helped them grow their careers. As a public speaker and lecturer, he taught software to several hundreds at universities and in the community. Now is the time he is transferring all of this hands-on industry experience to our students.

Armagan Amcalar
Leader, Mentor, Public Speaker
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Steve Ingram
Teaching Assistant
Mihri Minaz
Teaching Assistant


Alina Ghetler
Junior Software Developer

I'm a QA tester passionate about JavaScript and who wants to work in the future as a software developer.

Being part of the WomenTechMakers community, I had the chance to participate in one of the JavaScript Crash Courses in 2019, where I met an exceptional team of volunteers and at the same time such brilliant developers like Armagan Amcalar, the teachers‘ lead, Mihri Minaz, Eli Flores or Steve Ingram.

The course is really interactive and you won't have time to get bored and at every step, you learn something new and at the same time, you will be able to see and understand the results of your work.

Everyone involved was extremely well prepared and the atmosphere was relaxed and chill.

I can say that it was the best experience and I always will remain grateful to them ❤️

Kirsi Trospe
Software Developer

I started to learn more about JS last autumn and listened to the first lecture of one of your previous courses. Soon after that I happened to notice that the course started anew so I was happy to jump in.

I found the course very inspiring. Everyone were really nice and supportive and the lectures were excellent. I was always happy to come to the meetupS.

What I've noticed after the course is that I kind of got onto a faster track of learning and developing my skills further–as if I had reached a whole new level in a short period of time.

Celia Gómez de Villavedón
Software Engineer

I was one of the students of the first edition of the JavaScript Crash Course, taught completely by Armagan and with amazing Teaching Assistants. It was incredibly motivating and challenging, and since the first minute I knew I was on the right place.

I came there with almost no knowledge in programming at all, especially in JavaScript, and in only 13 weeks I was able to build my own API and deploy a website with Docker, everything just using JavaScript.

Actually thanks to the course I got an Internship at unu, which continued as a Full Stack Software Engineer position and has been my job for the past two years.

This bootcamp changed my life and I would totally recommend anyone to start their journey as a Software Engineer with Coyotiv!

Deborah Ligorio
Visual Artist and Digital Designer

In 2019, I attended the Women Techmakers JavaScript Crash Course taught by Armagan and the wonderful team. It was literally mind-blowing to get all the knowledge about the latest full-stack JavaScript based workflows and technologies.

I’m a visual artist consistently working with digital media. Designing interfaces is what I have pursued in different moments of my life and my idea of design is integral to its development. This course took my skills to the next level.

Clients and hiring partners

Superpeer, Inc.

As a young startup we are going through the pains of bootstrapping our engineering team. We were super happy to have the chance to work with 3 of Armagan's former students, who now became an important part of our team. Reliable, coachable engineers with a sense of responsibility and always curious to learn more. Coyotiv is our first choice when we need to hire talent.

Fatih Acet

unu GmbH

Throughout many years of my career, I've had the pleasure of working with a brilliant engineer and a great mentor like Armagan, and many of his students. His engaging teaching style, his passion for passing the baton to new generations of software engineers from diverse backgrounds, and his aspiration to give back to the community bring a very different energy to the classroom which transforms the tedious experience of learning intensive subjects into a quite pleasant one. Today, at unu we are enormously lucky to work together with several of Armagan’s students who are well equipped with practical, industry-relevant knowledge and are thirsty for much more.

Mert Çetin
Director of Software Engineering, unu GmbH

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