The next generation school of software engineering

Coyotiv School of Software Engineering is the next generation, remote software engineering education designed to raise first-class software engineers from scratch. We teach our students the mentality of modern software engineering, so they can be familiar with the latest tools that are in demand in the industry today and be ready to learn the next technology whenever it comes out.

Numerous students changed their lives at the end of an intense 13-week program and graduated as confident software engineers regardless of their background or prior experience with software development.

From master to apprentice: A new path to a new career

Adopting the software craftspersonship movement, we take our students on as apprentices. We offer software engineering courses on web development, frontend and backend engineering, database management, infrastructure management, and more.

With our unique approach, they will learn by working on their dream project, from day 1. At the end of the course, they will finalize their project and be ready to launch products on their own. This enables them to put a real-life application into practice.


Begin your software engineering journey now.

We know first steps and meeting new people can be overwhelming, but also exciting. Hop on and join the ride! Our road map will guide you on your new adventure.




Choose your pace

We know that in education, one size does not fit all. People learn in different ways. That’s why Coyotiv is offering two different paces so that you can pick the learning experience that’s right for you! Regardless of the program you choose, you’ll be guaranteed to get the same quality content. The main difference is how much time you can put in given your current circumstances.


13 weeks of intense work

Monday through Friday

8 hours a day, full of lectures and project work

Career coaching

24/7 online support


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Up to 12 months

100+ hours of lectures

Weekly live Q&A sessions

Self-paced study jams

100% flexible

Start at any time


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Check our financial options

Education should be available to everyone, without any financial constraints!

Study first, pay later

If you reside in Germany, CHANCEN eG takes care of your tuition fees, and with Income Share Agreements, you can pay later, based on your income.

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If you are unemployed and a resident of Germany, you might be eligible for Bildungsgutschein, and that’s enough to cover the entire cost of full-time course.

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Diversity Scholarship

At Coyotiv, we do our best to level inequalities. You can apply for our diversity scholarships if you identify as part of a marginalized group.

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With this financial option, you can pay an initial deposit, then split the rest of your tuition into installments with no additional interest.

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Fill out the registration form and wait for the call

The first thing we should do is to get in touch so we could get to know each other! One of our team members will call you after you fill out the form to get a better sense of how we can help you.


Welcome on board!

After you have enrolled in one of our courses, we will guide you through the programs and apps you will need to set up in order to join the course and get the most out of it. The only thing left to do is to start the course!


Who is teaching?

Armağan Amcalar

Leader, mentor, public speaker

The course is designed and taught at length by Armağan Amcalar, a master craftsperson who entered the craft of programming over 20 years ago. Acting as a team lead, software architect, engineering manager and CTO, Armağan has led hundreds of people in the industry and supported them through their career journey.

As a public speaker and lecturer, he taught software to several hundreds at universities and in the community and helped people navigate through the technology space. As an entrepreneur, he founded and lead multiple startups and innovative products.

He garnered a deep understanding of technology by building systems ranging from integrated circuits to multi-cloud systems architecture. He also have several open-source frameworks on GitHub, and several awards on engineering and entrepreneurship. Now is the time he is transferring all of this hands-on industry experience to our students.

Furkan İlgenci


Furkan started coding when he was a child, now he pursues his passion as a professional career. He is a self-taught software engineer with a Civil Engineering background. While studying at the university, Furkan began his career as a software engineer. He has experience on web, mobile and desktop applications, and building backend services. Also, Furkan is holding workshops about responsive designs, REST APIs, and deployments at Coyotiv.

Ceyhan Bekiroğlu

Peer Learner

Ceyhan Bekiroğlu is one of the peer learners of Coyotiv School of Software Engineering. He was one of the students in Cohort 6 and he has been in love with coding ever since. He is passionate about his new profession and eager to learn and grow in the field of software development. Before Coyotiv, he worked as a senior mechanical engineer at two different Bosch GmbH locations for over 8 years.


Discover our dynamic and innovative curriculum!

Our master craftspeople designed and executed their first bootcamp in 2011. We brewed this formula back then, and made it even more practical for Women Techmakers Berlin, an initiative to support more women and people of diverse backgrounds in getting into tech. Our founder, Armağan Amcalar, has been teaching the JavaScript Crash Course in that community for the last three years. With many graduates now working as engineers full-time, we have seen the impact knowledge can make. We are committed to continuing this change for many more to come.

Since then we have organized several full-time bootcamps. The curriculum of Coyotiv School of Software Engineering is designed to turn you into a powerful software engineer when you finish the course. Building upon this, you will have an immersive software engineering experience that is unique among online education alternatives.