The next generation school of software engineering

Coyotiv School is the next generation of remote software engineering education designed to raise first-class software engineers from scratch.

We teach you the mentality of modern software engineering, so you can be familiar with the latest tools that are in demand in the industry today and be ready to learn the next technology whenever it comes out.

Why is Coyotiv the right
choice for you?

More than a Coding Bootcamp

You will go beyond basic coding. Our students dig into the complete spectrum of software creation, mastering everything from architecture design to project management.

AI-Powered Learning

With Taiga, our state-of-the-art AI coding mentor, learning is streamlined, simplified, and available 24/7.

Dynamic Curriculum

Exclusively led by experienced hand-on engineers, our evolving syllabus ensures you're not just industry-ready, but also prepared for the future of tech.

Real-World Projects

Instead of hypothetical exercises, you'll be breathing life into tangible projects from day 1, preparing you for real-world challenges and showcasing your skills to potential employers

Mentor-apprentice model

You will learn in small dedicated groups under the guidance of industry masters. Our commitment to personalised attention means your unique needs and aspirations are catered to, maximising your potential.

From master to apprentice: A new path to a new career

100% Online

Language: English

97% positive reviews

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What makes us different?




Company Structure




Think and work as a modern software engineer, quickly learn and adapt to new technologies

Only hands-on Software Engineers with over 10 years of experience

School as a division of a Software Engineering Company

Dynamically updated with the most relevant technologies and tools that our engineers use on the field

Start building your portfolio from day 1

Other tech bootcamps

Knowledge mostly limited to a specific programming language and related tools

Mix between experienced teachers and recent graduates

School as a core business

Slower adaptation with the latest trend of the industry

Projects created only in the last weeks of the course


Begin your software engineering journey now.




Choose your pace

In education, one size doesn't fit all. Coyotiv offers two paces to fit your lifestyle and needs. Quality content remains the same; the pace adjusts to your schedules.


14 weeks of intense work

Monday to Friday

8 hours a day, full of lectures and project work

Career coaching

24/7 online support

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Up to 12 months

100+ hours of lectures

Weekly live Q&A sessions

Self-paced study jams

100% flexible

Start at any time

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Check our financial options

FREE with Training Voucher or Bildungsgutschein

If you are a refugee, or unemployed, or about to become unemployed and resident in Germany, you might be eligible for Bildungsgutschein, and that’s enough to cover the entire cost of your full-time course.

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Diversity Scholarship

At Coyotiv, we do our best to level inequalities. You can apply for our diversity scholarships if you identify as part of a marginalized group.

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  • Full-time course: 10,000 Euro

  • Part-time course: 5000 Euro

Instalment payment option available:
Pay an initial deposit, then split the rest of your tuition into instalments with no additional interest.

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Fill out your application and book a call

Let’s get to know each other! After submitting the form, book a call with our Admission Team. We will provide you with further details about our courses and address any inquiries you may have.


Welcome on board!


Who is teaching?

Armağan Amcalar

Leader, mentor, public speaker

The course is designed and taught at length by Armagan Amcalar, a master craftsperson who entered the craft of programming over 20 years ago. Acting as a team lead, software architect, engineering manager and CTO, Armagan has led hundreds of people in the industry and supported them through their career journey.

As a public speaker and lecturer, he taught software to several hundreds at universities and in the community and helped people navigate through the technology space. As an entrepreneur, he founded and lead multiple startups and innovative products.

He garnered a deep understanding of technology by building systems ranging from integrated circuits to multi-cloud systems architecture. He also have several open-source frameworks on GitHub, and several awards on engineering and entrepreneurship. Now is the time he is transferring all of this hands-on industry experience to our students.

De Long


Meet De Long, a versatile professional experienced in teaching, coaching, and agile development. As a Chief Content Officer & Co-Founder at, De Long structured coaching content and coached the development team using agile principles. With expertise in SCRUM and software engineering, De Long has contributed to well-known car companies and provided consulting services to clients. His passion for empowering others through training and coaching makes De Long a valuable asset in any agile-oriented team.


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